Brainwash Yourself In 21 Days

I want to discuss a concept that can change your life as it did mine. One of the most valuable concepts that I personally learned is that in order

to reach the level of success, self-confidence and prosperity that you want, you have to brainwash yourself. Yes, see either way it goes, you are

  going to be brainwashed. But the question is who is doing the brainwashing? Believe it or not, the world that we live in is always trying to

…….brainwash you. They are trying to penetrate your subconscious mind 

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How Our Brain Works

Our brain requires a great deal of energy to operate. Particularly, when we have to concentrate and think about something. Problem solving or

making decision not only uses more brain energy, it also can be a slow process. So, our brain seeks to conserve energy by developing efficient

ways of operating. One way it does this is through conscious and subconscious processing. Our brain seeks to automate much of what we  do to

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How To Achieve Change By Rewriting Your Beliefs

Have you ever looked at a fly trying to get out because it’s trapped in a building and it’s smashing itself against the window harder and harder

with a belief, the more effort I put in, the more likely I am to be free. That’s a great metaphor of how the mind works. Most of us think the more

effort I put in consciously, the more I will overcome hurdles, and that’s actually not true. You could fit in half that effort in getting your

subconscious mind to change. You would get extraordinary results. Not only that, but those results would layer and layer get ….Read more










The Amazing Power Of Your Mind

Let’s look at how powerful your mind is. Let’s compare your mind to the most sophisticated man-made device ever created; the computer. The

average computer can hold around 250000 pictures, 20000 songs and hundreds of full length videos. Nowadays, on something the size of my

finger. But let’s compare it to your mind. Your mind can perform an estimated ten quadrillion operations per second, without you knowing it!

Ask yourself right now; what’s making your blood flow through out your veins with the perfect amount of pressure to keep you alive? What’s

making your heart beat right now? Are you consciously commanding your heart to beat right now? No. what’s maintaining your body

temperature to the perfect degree to keep you alive? What’s doing the six trillion things to your sixty trillion cells every … single … second? It’s

something called your subconscious mind. This is the power house to who you are. Your cat has it, even your dog has it! But of all the things

your subconscious mind can do, it can’t do one thing. And this thing can attract good things into your life, or it can absolutely demolish your

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