How to achieve change by rewriting your Subconscious beliefs

Have you ever looked at a fly trying to get out because it’s trapped in a building and it’s smashing itself against the window harder and harder

with a belief, the more effort I put in, the more likely I am to be free. That’s a great metaphor of how the mind works, because most of us think

the more effort I put in consciously, the more I will overcome my hurdles, and you know that, that’s actually not true. You could fit in half that

effort in getting your subconscious mind to change, and you would get extraordinary results. Not only that, but those results would layer and

layer, and you get more and more phenomenal lasting results by trying not to change the conscious, because after all trying is trying but

definitely changing the subconscious….  Let me give an example. Let’s imagine you are trying to earn more money and you try to get a pay rise

and you try to get promoted but you have a subconscious belief that says, “I don’t deserve more, other people in my company are smarter than

me, or I don’t have a university education, I’m really winging it here or I’m not that bright.” Those beliefs will absolutely block you from getting a

pay rise. Whereas, if you change the subconscious mind and form new beliefs, I have a talent, I have something that’s extraordinary valuable to

offer, I’m really good at my job or I have a gift. I’m the one person in this office who this has my name all over it. If you start to say that to your

subconscious mind it never argues with you. Let those beliefs in and when new beliefs go in, the beliefs start to change your behavior. Because

it even says in the Bible, “A man is what he believes”. And you do not to be religious to know that is true. If you believe you are always going to

get dumped, you just can’t find the money then those beliefs are deeply entrenched subconscious fixed beliefs that can block your best efforts

to change that behavior consciously. Stop trying to make conscious changes, it’s too hard, and go straight into the subconscious where it is

actually easy to wire in new beliefs. And Those new habits of belief will start to fire off new habits of action. Because here’s a fact, “You make

your beliefs, and then your beliefs make you.”  So, how about making phenomenal extraordinary powerful subconscious beliefs, because I

promise you it would change your life for the better. And you know what else, it’s so much easier than trying to change consciously which is

hard work and doesn’t ever get great results. If you’d like to learn more sign up my free muster class……..

How To Achieve Change By Rewriting Your Beliefs

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