Discipline Creates Miracles

Jim Rohn

Discipline, if there’s a magic word that stands out above all the rest; this is the one, discipline. Discipline

is the bridge between thought and accomplishment, the bridge between respiration and value

achievement, the bridge between necessity and productivity.  Remember, all good things are up

stream. The passing of time takes us a drifting, and drifting only brings us the negative, the disastrous,

the disappointment and the failure. Failure is not a cataclysmic event; it is not generally the result of

one major incident, but rather a long list of accumulated little failings. Failing in life, is failing to think

today, failing to act today, failing to care, to strive, to climb, to learn, to keep trying day by day.

If your goal requires that you write ten letters today and you write only three, you are down seven

letters. If you want to make five calls, and you only make one, you are down four on calls. If your plan

calls for saving ten dollars today, and you save none, you are down ten dollars, today. Now, the danger

is looking at undisciplined day and concluding that no great harm has been down. It doesn’t seem like

such a bad day. But add up these days to make a year and then add up those years to make a life time.

And perhaps you can now see how repeating today’s small failures can easily turn your life into a major


Success on the other hand, is just the same process in reverse. If you plan to make 10 calls and you

end the day making 15. Now you are up five calls. If you then get up a few on letters, move up the

saving’s numbers you can see what a massive difference it could make in a year and what wealth and

accomplishment awaits for a life time.

Discipline is like a set of magic keys that unlocks all the doors of wealth, happiness, sophistication,

culture, high self-esteem, pride, joy accomplishment, satisfaction and success.

The first key to discipline is awareness of the need for, and the value of discipline and especially the

discipline to make the changes. What will it take? What must I do? And what must I become, to get all I

want from my life?

The second key is willingness, more than that the eagerness to maintain your new discipline deliberately, wisely, consistently.

And the third key, to discipline is the commitment to master the circumstances of your daily life, to see

and harness the opportunities to make something of the sun, and the rain. The good as well, as what

comes in the guy’s of misfortune.

Discipline does many things, but most important of all, is what it does for you. It makes you feel better

about yourself. Even the smallest discipline can have an incredible effect on your attitude and the good

feeling you get that surging feeling of self-worth that comes from starting a new discipline is almost as

good as the feeling that comes from the accomplishment of the discipline.

Second, a new discipline immediately alters your life direction, you don’t change destinations

immediately, that is yet to come, but you can change direction immediately, and direction is very


Third, discipline co-operates with nature. Everything strives; it is a common life function. How tall will a

tree grow? As tall as it can. Everything strives to become all it can possibly be and that’s striving to

become is what discipline is all about, disciplining ourselves to fulfill our natural potential to become all

that we can be.

And finally discipline attracts opportunity. Opportunity is always looking for ambition and skill in

action. Discipline taps the unlimited power of commitment. The human will in action driven by

inspiration, enticed by desire, tempered by reason, guided by intelligence can bring you to that high in

lofty place called the good life.

Discipline, those unique steps of intelligent thought and activity that put a lid on temper and a faucet

on courtesy, that develop positive and control negative, that encourage success and deter failure, that

design lifestyle and control frustration, that enhance health and curb sickness, that promote happiness

and manage sadness.

 Discipline the start and the continuing process that brings all good things. And remember, anyone can

start the process. It’s not if I could, I would, it’s if I would, I could. If I will, I can. So start a new process,

you can begin a new habit no matter how small it is. Small isn’t important; whether or not you start and

whether or not you continue, are all that is important. And don’t be deluded by an affirmation. Only

affirm what you are truly prepared to do. Many of us delude ourselves with our words in the believing

that we are making changes and making progress, when in fact our daily activity is taking us in the

exact opposite direction of our affirmations. Why would you walk in the opposite direction of your

dreams? The man dreams of wealth and walks daily towards certain financial disaster. The man wishes

for happiness and thinks the thoughts and commits the acts that take him to certain despair.

For to have a prosperous life start a prosperity plan, to become wealthy start a wealthy plan.

Remember you don’t have to be wealthy to have a wealth plan. A person with no means can have a

rich plan. If you are ill start a health plan. If you don’t have energy, start an energy plan. If you don’t feel

good, start a feel good plan. If you are not smart, start a smart plan. If you can’t, start a can plan. If you

haven’t, start a have plan. Anyone can, even a bad person can start hearing good messages and

reading good books. Recognize that the start of a better life, the happy life, the wealthy life is today.

This is exciting, both the process and the result can begin today. Start the new journey today. If you

think of a new idea, today is the day to begin the discipline of putting that idea into action. Set this day

up as a long busy exciting start for your new life.

Get your first book for your new library, today. Begin your new practice of setting goals today. Start

clearing out a drawer of your new orderly desk, today. Start eating an apple a day on your new health

plan, today. Put some money for your new investment for fortune account, today. Start reading with

intensity for your new wealth of mind plan, today. Write a post pone letter today. Make a delayed

telephone call today. Pick up your camera and take a picture of something to start your new treasure

your photographs today, get some momentum going on your new commitment to the better life.

See how many activities you can pile on in this first day. Go all out break away from the negative down

ward pull of gravity. Start the thrusters going. Prove to yourself that waiting is over. Hoping is past, and

that faith and action have now taken charge. It’s a new day a new beginning for your new life. With

discipline you can’t believe the list of positive moves you can make, in the first day of your new


Discipline Creates Miracles _ Jim Rohn

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