We Are One

What if this light bulb was the cure to racism, sexism, and classism? Here me out; do you

know what people and light bulbs have in common? We both express as different colors, have

different shapes, different sizes. We’re manufactured in different places. Some of us are

bright, some dim, some clear and some broken. We appear to be very different on the

outside. But the thing about these lights is, there is one current running through each

bulb. And in the same way, there is a singular energy running through each person

on this planet. Doesn’t matter what you look like, it doesn’t matter your race, gender,

nationality, that’s just the bulb. Inside of all that is who you really are: Energy; don’t

believe your energy? Well, riddle me this … Say you have a friend named Jim, and you’ve

been visiting Jim in the hospital. Until one day Jim, unfortunately dies on the operating table.

You say, “Oh, no Jim died!” But … his body is still there, his race, his gender. But you say, Jim

died? Because you know deep down that Jim was a lot more than his body. He was the

intelligent energy that gave life to his body. Energy is what we are. And energy has no

color. It is not republican nor democrat, white or black. Energy is not Christian, Muslim or

Atheist. Energy is … energy is… we are intelligent, creative, universal energy. And if we

understood that, then we would finally know what wise men and women have been

trying to tell us since the dawn of time, that we are one.


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