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These are unprecedented times, a time that has brought with it uncharted waters, a different uncertainty and a new fear. It is

understandable the way the world is reacting. With unpredictability comes fear, and with fear comes a degeneration of not just the

mind but the body. Please, whenever in doubt, and fear creeps in, I need you to remind yourself of how far you have come. Not just

in life, but in this period of the epidemic as well. Remember everything you have faced, the battles you have won, and those you

feared but yet defeated. But above all this, I need you to remember the common connection we all share. The connection of love

and service to each person you meet. The homeless man who needs a little food and some clothes for warmth, the senior citizen

who needs to pick up her drugs but has no means of getting it. Because of the unusual times we are in at the moment even the lost

animal who would have easily been picked up in the past and taken to a shelter, but now no one is doing that. Remember, we have a

common connection to love and to treat each other with kindness, because that’s how human nature is created. We are not driven

by fear. Fear is what consumes our minds by what we feed it with, and allow it to grow deep inside of us. The news you listen to and

the opinions that you seek, will either help fuel your fear and anxiety or it will help you prepare yourself for the aftermath of this

temporary global setback. Humanity across every generation will deal with one global impact or the other. For some, it might be a

natural disaster, a war, a dotcom bubble, or in this present case, a pandemic. But one thing has always remained consistent, and

that is, from the ashes of every major changing shifting event, a better, more reliable, and wiser society emerged. So, what do you do

now that you feel tired, scared and afraid of what is to come? First of all, you have to be careful about the kind of information you

take in. The world is full of so much data, opinions, and statistics right now. The bad and controversial news seems always to appeal

more to people. And you know why? The untrained mind is always searching for something to be scared about. And I need you to

know this, fear kills faster than any other disease will. Fear puts people in the hospital. Fear makes you fail even before you try. So,

don’t ever give your mind to fear. Guard what information you let in right now. Do your own research, and seek opinions of experts

when necessary. Next, you must be productive. We are going to beat this. Humans beat the Great Plague of London, the Spanish

Flue, and the Asian Flue. Make no mistake; we will beat this epidemic too. The question however becomes what you would do with

the time of it? I like to believe that one man or woman can change the world; you just might be that person. Isaac Newton changed

the world while in quarantine, from the Great Plague of London. Isolated during the Plague, the philosopher engaged in the ground

-breaking discoveries in calculus, gravity, and optics that marked his years of wonders. This is not a time to be scared. Fear is not for

us. Courage is what we hold on to. The courage of a better tomorrow. And a more profound sense of love across all races, nations,

and languages. As we unit to defeat a common enemy that threatens the fabric of our every existence. Together, we all shall stand

tomorrow, basking in the sun and sharing smiles. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay strong and keep going.

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