Jim Rohn

How Do You Get Everything You Want

There’s nothing you can do about the past, but you can do a great deal about your future. You don’t have to be

the same person you were yesterday. You can make changes in your life. Absolutely startling changes, in a fairly

short period of time. You can make changes; you can even conceive of now. If you give yourself a chance, your

abilities will grow. You have untapped talents and potential that you haven’t even reached for yet, and as time

goes on, you’ll be able to reach deeper and deeper. The first thing you’ll know, you’ll be able to do things you

never thought you could do. You’ll be able to handle things you never thought you could handle. You’ll have

ideas that you’ve never had before. All of this is sparked by the goal setting process. When you know what you

want and you want it badly enough, the answers will come to you. I can’t tell you why it works. All I know is, it

works. Give yourself a chance to become all you can become, and to accomplish all you can accomplish. Let me

give you a bible philosophy that teaches how to get whatever you want. Here’s what it says, “Ask.” that’s it, ask

of all the important skills to learn in life, be sure to include the skill of asking. What does ask mean? Ask, means;

what do you want? And the complete formula is staggering. It says, “Ask, and you will receive.” hey, we ought to

look into that. The man says; yes, you work where I work, but the time you struggle home it’s late. You’ve got to

get a bite to eat, watch a little TV, and get to bed. You can’t sit up half the night and ask, ask, ask, and this guy is

behind on his bills. He’s a good worker, hard worker, sincere but you got to do better than work hard and be

sincere all of your life. You’ll wind up broke and embarrassed. You’ve got to be better than a good worker.

You’ve got to be a good asker. Let me give you some key points on this asking and receiving. Setting goals,

asking of life, here’s part of the philosophy that helped me to change. First, asking starts the receiving process.

Asking is like pushing a button, and all this machinery starts working. Mental and emotional machinery. I don’t

even know how it works, but I do know it works. There are a lot of things you don’t need to know how they

work. Just work them. Some people are always studying the roots others are picking the fruit. It all depends on

what end of it you want in on. So, asking is the beginning of receiving. Second, receiving is not the problem. You

don’t have to work on receiving. It’s automatic. So, if receiving is not the problem, what is the problem. It’s

failing to ask. The man says; I see it now, I got up every day this year and hit it hard. But nowhere in my house is

there a list of what I want for my life. Can you see? Good worker; poor asker!! Third, receiving is like the ocean.

There’s plenty, especially in this country. It’s like an ocean here. Here, success is not short supply, it isn’t

rationed but when you step up to the window it’s all gone. No, no; well if that’s true, what is the problem? Well,

the problem is some people go to the ocean with a teaspoon. Have you got the picture?! A teaspoon!!! What I

suggest you do and view of the size of the ocean is trade your teaspoon for at least a bucket, and you will look

better at the ocean with a bucket.

How Do You Get Everything You Want?

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