A Message for You 


Life can be rough. We all are going to have highs and lows in our lives. We can all be petrified of what the future

may hold, and we can all have setbacks and doubts and pain. That’s what’s going to happen in life. But if you

fight for it, if you work for it, and if you work through it, those losses and those setbacks and that pain will make

you better. You can drive on, you can push through, you can deal with unimaginable adversity. As long as you

getting up every day and keep moving forward, you could plan your life to be ideal today, and I guarantee you

there’ll be things that happen along the way that were unplanned. That’ll look as if they’re unfortunate that will

feel as if the world’s coming down on your shoulders, but those are also the greatest lessons. Some of the best

things that we’ve learned from people happen because they were going through sometime of discontent, and

they said, “How do I overcome this? What can I do about it?” and there’s other people who would have to face

that. If it wasn’t for that knowledge, if it wasn’t for that experience, but it’s because they did something. They

didn’t just fall victim to that. See, a lot of people want to exempt themselves from taking responsibility. All they

want to do is talk about the problem. Every time you see them, they’ll tell you their story over and over again.

No, no, no, you want to take responsibility for your life. I got me here, I can get me out of this, and I’m getting

out. You can decide that you’re not going to change, and that you’re not going to be a wimp. I’m not going to be

a volunteer victim. Take ownership of everything. Let other people blame their parents, their boss or the

system. Let weaker people complain that the world isn’t fair. You are the leader of your life. Take ownership of

everything in it. You must eradicate excuses. You will never ever point the finger at anybody again. You will

never blame another human being. Even if they’re wrong you will not point the finger, you will not say, because

she didn’t do what she was supposed to do or because he didn’t do what he was supposed to do, I couldn’t do

what I was supposed to do. You’re never going to say that again. You’re going to take 100% ownership. Take full

responsibility for your life. Accept where you are, and the responsibility that you’re going to take yourself

where you want to go. We have two primary choices in life, we can either accept conditions as they exist or we

can take the responsibility to change them. You, have to make yourself better by attacking every day. In spite of

whatever challenges you face go out there. Fight on, and no matter what, do not give up hope. When you get

tripped up or you get knocked down, what you do, is you do the best you can. And I’ll tell you this, if you fight

with all you’ve got, more often than not, you’ll win. But you’ve got to make that attitude part of your everyday

life. The extra rap, the extra mile, the extra round, stand and fight. Fight against weakness and against fear.

Fight back, give every day everything you’ve got. And when you face a challenge, even something where you

don’t believe you can win, remember this, you have nothing to lose. So, stand up and go forward and go out in a

blaze of glory fighting with everything you’ve got. Every ounce of energy, every bead of sweat, and every drop

of blood. Never give up, even against overwhelming odds. Never accept defeat. Preserve and endure until the

end. In this situation that you are in your life is at stake. You are fighting for your life every day. The way that

you live it, the mark that you are going to leave, all that is going to come back to you. That is your life, so don’t

sit back and be on the defense and allow life to happen to you. Don’t do that. Instead, go on the offense

everyday by getting up and getting after it. It’s time for you to have what you are supposed to have. It’s your

time to write a book. It’s your time to be a millionaire. It’s your time to be happy. It’s your time now. It’s your

turn. It’s time for you to get where you’re supposed to be. To have what you’re supposed to have and to do what

you’re supposed to do, and live life on your terms.


A Message for You

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