The Language That Will Change Our Future

Gregg Braden

I’m going to share with you the science that is so new, it is not yet in the text books. It is the science that you

and I and our children will use to solve the problems that we’re living in the world today. It’s a very different

way of thinking about things. I want to tell you there is a language, there’s a language that lives in every

human that walks this earth. It’s a language of no words. It’s a language that was lost to Western traditions

1700 years ago. We’re going to learn how to use this language to speak to the divine matrix. Every one of you

is speaking to this field every day! The question is; do you know what you are saying to the field? We ask the

question “Who are we?” What we know is that we’re made of quantum energy. For 70 years scientists have

been telling us that we are little particles of quantum energy and now we believe them. But now scientists say

these little quantum particles can do miraculous things, amazing things. But the scientists say those miracles

have nothing to do with your life. For example, quantum particles we know can exist as a physical particle, like

this. That’s a quantum particle. That particle can exist invisible. The particle is still there; it has changed its

form. Quantum particles can exist in two places or many places at the same time and they are always

connected. They are always connected with one another. So the particles are always connected. Quantum

particles can communicate with themselves in the past and in the future.

This is very interesting! Scientists can take a quantum particle and they know everything there is to know

about this particle. They know its rotation, its plus, its minus, its charge. In the present, now, they can take it

into the future and now this is the past; this is the future. They can change the particle in the present and it

changes the particle in the past, even though the past already happened. So, the question is, “We’re made of

those particles. So can we do what those particles can do?” we’re made of quantum particles. Are they

showing us our limits? Or are they showing us our possibility, our potential? Can we do everything that those

particles can do? The answer is, “Yes”. But it’s based on what we believe to be true. Not what we think in our

minds; what we believe in our hearts. And that is a very subtle, very powerful difference, not the mind; the

heart. Consciousness is what holds these particles together. Consciousness organizes the particles into your

body and into this world. Here’s what scientists say to us about the way this world works. Scientists are telling

us now that in this field all possibilities already exist in the quantum energy, in the soup of quantum possibility.

All possibilities already exist. In the quantum possibility you are already healed! Peace has already happened!

Joy is already everywhere. All of the greatest suffering, all of the greatest peace already exist in the quantum

possibilities! And here’s what they say happens with you and me: that with our minds we reach into those

possibilities. We imagine our healing. We imagine the peace. We imagine our perfect relationship. We imagine

the abundance in our lives with our mind and that’s how we lock that possibility into place. And with our heart

we give that possibility life! we breathe life into the image of our mind through the feeling in our heart and

make it real in our world. Now, I’m going to share with you the science of how this happens.

We have to understand what a belief is? We talk about belief. What is a belief? Belief is the marriage: it is the

union of thought and emotion. Thought and emotion. Now we have to define thought and emotion. This an

image from an ancient Sanskrit text that shows the energy centers of the body, the Chakras. They say that

thought happens in the upper chakras, right here, this is thought. This is where we imagine the quantum

possibility. The emotion happens in the creative center, in the lower chakras. This is emotion and they say our

emotions are only two: love and fear. So, when we think a thought in our mind, we fuel that thought, we give

our thought life through the love or the fear that we place into the thought and when we do that we create a

feeling. And now we have a definition for feeling. Feeling is the union, the marriage of emotion and thought.

What we think of a possibility and our love or our fear of that thought. What is the one energy center in the

body that does not have the circle? What is the one center that we have not talked about here? The heart!

Feeling happens in our heart. Feeling doesn’t happen in the mind; feeling doesn’t happen in the lower (well a

little bit, but not much in the lower centers;)feeling happens in our heart! Feeling and belief are connected.

Feeling and belief. So, in our heart we have hate, sadness, joy, compassion. These are feelings, these are

not emotions. To have hate, sadness, joy, compassion we must have a thought, and then the love or the fear for

that thought that creates these feelings. So, now we have a definition of feeling. So, our belief translates the

quantum possibilities that we imagine into the physical reality of our world and I want to show you how. I

want to show you how that happens. I don’t want you to just believe me, to take my word. I want to show you

the proof, so your mind can see the proof.

Belief is what translates those possibilities into the atoms of our world. The quantum possibility exists as

waves only, but this world is made of atoms. So, I think you are going to like what you are going to see! Do you

remember a long time ago, when I was in school and maybe when you were in school? We were told that the

atom looks like this. It looks like a little solar system. A long time ago, remember? We were taught that the

atom is made of things. A thing in the center and things that orbit, things that circulate. That’s not what

scientists believe today! Now the atom, they believe, looks like this. It looks like energy. The atom no longer

looks like things; it looks like waves of energy, rather than particles of things. Now this is very important! You

are going to see why. I think you will like what you are going to see in just a moment. So, the quantum atom is

made of waves of energy, rather than particles of things and this is very important. This is very important. If

you want to change an atom, you have to change the energy that the atom lives in. if you want to change the

stuff, the physical stuff of our world, you must change the energy that, that stuff exists within. We’re going

slowly because something big is about to happen here. Einstein said this very well, Einstein actually said the

field that connects everything together is what he called, “The Governing Agency of the Particles.” Einstein

said, “The field is what determines how the atom behaves.” It’s in the field. So, the field that we’re talking

about, the field is made of electrical energy; it’s made of magnetic energy.

Two energies. The field that holds everything together. This is out of a traditional text, a traditional physics

text, look at what this says! This says, “If you change the electric field, that you will change the way the atom

behaves.” And there is actually a name for this. It is called the “Stark Effect”. So, if you change the electrical

field, the stark effect, you change the atom, or if you change the magnetic field; it’s called the “Zeeman Effect”;

you change the atom. So all this is saying is that science knows today, if you change the electrical field or you

change the magnetic field, you change the atom. Watch what happens! What organ in your body produces the

strongest electrical field in your body? Your heart! And it’s where you have the feeling. A feeling is actually

creating waves of electrical and magnetic energy in your heart that changes your body and changes your

world but you don’t have to know that because you simply had a feeling. And this is what the ancient

understood, and what they left in their temples, in their texts, in the monasteries, in the language of their

time. They understood this! Our heart…… look at this! The human heart produces the strongest electrical and

magnetic fields in the body. Some people said the brain. The brain does produce these fields, but look! The

heart’s electrical field is 100 times stronger than the brain! The heart’s magnetic field is up to 5000 times

stronger than the brain’s magnetic field. Our heart produces the fields that change our world and change our

body! Can you see that so far?

Beliefs create the electrical waves. Beliefs change those magnetic waves. What you believe about yourself,

what you believe about me, what you believe about your world, about your relationship to God, about peace

on this earth, is creating what is happening on this earth. Right now, beliefs change our physical world! Beliefs

change matter!

The Language That Will Change Our Future

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