A Must See The Most Eye Opening 10 Minutes Of Your Life

Bruce Lipton

I will show you the science of actually how the cells work and you will have more knowledge than most doctors in the world today. Because they still believe in genes!

You are made out of 50 trillion cells and the cells are the living entities. So, you are a community not a single person! Every cell in your body has minus voltage on the

inside and positive voltage on the outside! Every live cell is a battery. Every cell has about 1.4 volts. 50 trillion cells in the body times 1.4 volts is 700 trillion volts of

electricity in your body right now. And with training and meditation you can focus this energy called “CHI”. And you can use that energy for healing. So, while you see

yourself as a physical entity, the new physics, you are energy waves interacting with each other now. All animals, all plants communicate with vibration. The gazelle

doesn’t have to go up to the lion and say: are you my friend? Because at the distance the energy could be felt and the gazelle will not go there because of bad vibes. If

we, when we were young were taught to be sensitive to the vibrations, we would not find ourselves in bad relationships and bad places. But we are usually told not to

go by our feelings but to listen what to people have to say. Language was designed to hide feelings.

The point is all organisms communicate by vibrations and know if they’re in a good place or bad place by reading the vibrations. We, humans, have that ability, but are

not trained to use that ability. When we see people like if I look at the audience or you see us, we see people as physical particles and machines. But that’s an illusion,

because what we are, are interacting waves. That’s why one person can affect another person, just by being in the field. And today’s physics studies the vibration not

the physical. In quantum physics we don’t study the particles we study the waves and we study how the waves interference. All of the waves together is called the

field. So, you are made out of atoms but you also are the field. You are connected to everything because you can’t separate waves.

I’m now going to show you how your thoughts go out and affect your life on the outside. This is an older picture of a new technology called “Magneto

Encephalograph”, MEG. EEG, you put wires on your skin and read the brain activity. MEG, the probe does not even touch the head. You can read your brain activity

outside of your head. It’s not magic. Your thoughts are not contained in your head. As I talked about people are not particles, they are waves, and waves become

entangled with each other. The people that you get connected to, you are entangled with. And many people are familiar if you think about someone you or talk about

someone you haven’t seen for years, and I say, “Oh, I haven’t seen my friend John in ten years!” and the phone rings, and it’s John. Or a letter comes in the mail from

John. It’s like the Placebo , Nocebo. When you think very positive thoughts of someone, they make an effect to get in touch with you. But it works both ways. If you

have a negative thought about somebody, where ever they are they will create negative talk about you. So, it’s very important to recognize your thoughts and your

judgments are not just connected to you; they’re connected to the people that you talk about!

So, people should know that if you hit the right frequency you can cause the crystal goblet to explode. It’s called Harmonic Resonance or Constructive Interference.

You are like a tuning fork with your brain, and you’re broadcasting frequencies of your thoughts. Which goblet is going to respond to your thoughts? The one that is

harmonically resonant with your thoughts. If you live in fear, you’re not going to activate the Dalai Lama, but you may get scare face to show up. So, when you are

having thoughts you are exciting and activating those things in the world that are connected to your thoughts. When a mugger is trying to pick out which person he is

going to attack of the different people walking down the street. Which one do you think gets attacked? The one who is most afraid. Because, the one who is most

afraid will resonate and that means that the mugger doesn’t have to do anything, then go “BUUU!” and every one will give him everything. While it works for

individuals it is very powerful when a whole group of people have the same thoughts. You can’t make a war, unless enough people are ready to make a war. I am going

to show a picture of mass action here and it relates to New York City. One year after 9/11, so this is September 11th, 2002, the one-year anniversary of 9/11. What

was everybody in New York thinking about that day? The winning number, 911, because we collectively create their reality. So, when you look at yourself, you are not

a single entity, but you are a community of 50 trillion cells. But it’s important to understand the word community. Every cell is intelligent but when they’re in a

community they give up their personal intelligence and respond to the central voice. So, that the community represents a thing, one thing called an organism and in

that community a cell must follow what the central voice is. And if the central voice says to die, the cells will die. So, the central voice is the mind. And I will be talking

about the nature of the two parts of the mind why we have trouble sometimes controlling our life. So what I would talk about is the role of how this mind works. First,

there are signals from the environment: the internal and external environment. The brain, the function of the brain is to perceive the signals and then interpret those

signals and then send the information to the cells to control the behavior and the genetics. So, the function of the brain is perception and from that, it creates the

mind. Now, we have heard about something called the “Placebo effect”. The placebo effect is when you have a very positive thought that something can heal you

even if you don’t know it. But it’s a sugar pill, but you believe it’s the real medicine, then you can heal yourself with that. So, the pill didn’t heal you, it was the thought

that healed you. Statistics reveal that one third of all medical healings including surgery are the result of the placebo effect. Now, the issue is that placebo effect is

when you have positive thinking, what about negative thinking, and this is what medicine does not tell you is that there is negative thinking and it’s called the Nocebo

effect. And in the same power that positive thinking can heal you, negative thinking can kill you. They are both the same effect, one is more positive, one is more

negative. But the effects are exactly the same on your health. One will heal you and the other one can make you sick. The point is that negative thinking can create all

the effects of chemotherapy! Now think about this: if a doctor tells you, you have a disease or the doctor tells you you’re going to die and you believe the doctor

because he’s the professional, the belief will give you a disease, and can cause you to die. In the United States in the south there’s a religious group called: “The

Baptist Fundamentalists.” And this one group works themselves up into a state of Ecstasy, religious ecstasy. And they believe God protects them. And so they will

work with snakes, poisonous snakes, like Rattle snakes too. And they will even get even bitten by the snake, and nothing happens to them. Now look at this though

some of them will drink strychnine in toxic doses, and when they’re in that state of belief it does not affect them. So, if you can drink toxic poison then why do we

worry so much about the toxins, or the food, and the air and all that? Because we have a belief that the toxins can kill us. But even though I know this I will not drink

strychnine. And why? Because my belief is not as strong as their belief. So, if we were growing up and programmed with stronger beliefs we would be more powerful

than we are now.

The Most Eye Opening Ten Minutes Of Your Life

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