Big battles, big soldiers. We all go through this world with our fair share of battles. Some are facing financial and health challenges of various

degrees, depression and frustration. Others, educational problems and some others, family dramas or career issues. No one is left out. What

differentiates us is the timing of our individual battles. The level of intensity of the battle and our fighting capacity as soldiers. In relation to

timing, some have faced battles in the past and have overcome, others are even currently facing theirs, while the last category will face theirs in

the future. Whatever the case, battles are integral part of our existence. They are necessary for your growth into the person you were created

to be. Battles are tough times that come to test us. They challenge our strength and courage as soldiers, in order to know if we are fit for the

future ahead. Like examinations test our  knowledge and readiness to get promoted to the next stage of our academic or professional pursuit. So

do battles weigh our preparedness for greater exploits? On the battle field in the heat of war new recruits and baby soldiers stay behind and

take instructions from their superiors. Fierce warriors and efficient swordsmen are put at the front. They are given bigger responsibilities and

play vital roles. They lead by taking charge of the difficult times maneuvering way through it all by wisdom and tenacity. So it is, with life’s

battles. Weak and vulnerable people are faced with little battles that are not supposed to overwhelm them. Great people with an even greater

future are dished the bigger battles. The universe believes in their ability to conquer. Life knows that they can survive even the toughest of

times. They are fearless, courageous and confident that they will surely come out  of any situation life throws them in. so, when next you are

facing difficulties brace yourself and raise your head above it. Assure yourself that you are made for exploits and that is why life is testing you

with battles. Greatness is given to those who deserve it and they are people who have fought for it, conquered obstacles and risen above

challenges as better versions of themselves. No one achieves greatness by mistake. It is conscious effort coupled with a compulsive drive to

succeed that result in the great people we see around today. Alisha Dixon confirms that, “Once who have been through tough times, you can

only become stronger.” Great men and women that litter the history book today all faced difficult times. From Oprah Winfrey to Albert

Einstein, all walked the path of challenges. The weight of most of their problems would have crushed some of us, the trauma from abuse and

poverty would have marred some people for life. We speak of them today because they never gave up. Don’t give up now. Look how far you’ve

come, take solace in the fact that you’re still alive. It goes to show that there’s more for you to achieve. Let the words of Alonzo Mouring

continually ring in your head. “Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.”

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