After This Video You’ll Know More Than The Best Doctors In The World

Bruce Lipton

The question is if we are so able to be healthy and young, why do we get sick? One the most important reasons is stress! I will now show you

how stress works, using cells and then people. So I put cells in a Petri dish, and I split the group into two sets. In one set, I put nutrients in front

of the cells; in the other I put toxins in front of the cells. I put them back in the incubator and I come back later and take them out: where do you

think the cells are in each experiment? When you come back, when nutrients are in the dish the cells move towards the signals. But when toxins

are in the dish, the cells move away from the threatening negative signals. So, when a cell sees something that gives growth, they move to the

signals with their arms open to take it in; but if the cells see toxins, then what they do is they move away from the signal and close themselves

down. Cells cannot be open and closed at the same time. Cells cannot move forwards and backwards at the same time. The conclusion: cells can

be in growth or they can be in protection, but they can’t be in both at the same time. So in summary, cells move to positive signals when they are

in growth; they’re attracted to positive signals. And cells will move away from negative signals; they’ll be repulsed, but they are in protection.

But there are signals that are neither positive nor negative. I call them “elevator music”. When you get in the elevator: you don’t dance, but you

don’t get sick. But the same thing happens in humans. The mind will perceive the environment, and if it sees what it believes to be threatening,

it will send a signal to the cells telling them that the environment is not supporting. And the system is called “Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal


The hypothalamus is the part of the brain that interprets the perception. When the hypothalamus sees stress, it wants to tell the whole body

that something is going on. So it sends signal to the pituitary gland which is called “The master gland”. And that gland sends signals to 50 trillion

cells. But if it’s a threat it will send a signal to the adrenal glands, and the common understanding of the adrenal gland is fight or flight. Then

these adrenal glands release stress hormones to the body. And the first thing that stress hormones do and I’ll make a quote from a physiology

text book, “The stress hormones cause the blood to preferentially go to the arms and legs.” And why the preference for arms and legs? So, you

can run or fight!  If the blood preferentially going to the arms and legs, where was the blood before it was going to the arms and legs? It was in

the viscera. And what’s the function of the viscera? Growth, health, maintenance, OK? So, the logic: if the blood leaves the viscera, what

happens to your ability to grow and maintain yourself? It goes down. And the reason is when you’re in protection, you shut off growth. So, like

the single cell, the whole body is in growth or protection, but not both at the same time.

Some people think of growth from a baby to an adult. But everybody needs to grow every day, even if you are 100 years old. You need to grow

every day. And the reason is that your cells are dying every day. Billions and billions of cells like the lining of the gut has to be replaced every

three days. That’s why chemotherapy is very toxic. Because chemotherapy kills dividing cells. That’s why people who are on chemotherapy

have trouble with digestion and also their hair falls out and doesn’t come back. And the skin doesn’t grow well. So, if your days are filled with

stress, then you are putting lots of hormones in your body to direct you for fight or flight. And that is why you start to get sick when you’re

under stress, because you are not replacing the cells at a normal rate.

Now, there’s another important effect about stress: when the hormones go from the hypothalamus to the pituitary and then to the adrenal

gland, it releases the stress hormones. As I said, the stress hormones cause the blood to go from the gut to the periphery because the hormones

squeeze the blood vessels in the gut closed. And the function of the stress hormones is to take the energy of the body and get it all to run and

fight. So, the stress hormones will shut off the function of things that will not be needed in fight or flight. One of the most important uses of

energy in the body is the immune system. And now, think of this; the logic: let’s say you have a bacterial infection and you have diarrhea, and a

lion is chasing you. How much energy should you put into fighting the infection? And how much energy should you put into running away from

the lion? Forget the immune system because if the lion eats you then the bacteria are his problem!

So the issue is this; stress hormones shut-off the immune system and the significance is: every one of you right now, is infected with almost all

of the disease, germs that humans have. Right now, if I take a blood sample, I will show you, you all have viruses and bacteria and parasites. And

you might say, “Well, if I’m infected, then why am I not sick?” because if your immune system is working properly it will suppress these parasites

and germs. But the moment you start to shut-off the immune system then these organisms begin to start growing again! So, the idea that you

catch a disease is not really true; you already have the disease! And the medical people call these germs and parasite “opportunistic organisms”.

So, if you are under stress and you shut-off the immune system then you give these organisms the opportunity to then make the disease. And

yet when we get some of these diseases we go to the medical doctor and they give us drugs to kill the germs and the bacteria. Well, this is very

helpful if the disease is going very quickly. That was not the problem in the first place. The problem was stress that shut-off the immune system.

So, to get healing is OK to treat the disease, but also treat the stress.

So, now we have two problems with stress: it shuts-off growth, and it shuts off the immune system. There’s a third problem, which I call, it’s

adding more stress; a 3rd problem: when you are in fight or flight, do you think you use conscious reasoning or reflex behavior? You use reflex

behavior. So, very important listen. The stress hormones I said before, squeeze the blood vessels in the gut, causing the blood to go to the

periphery, but when the stress hormones come into the body, they also go to the brain and they squeeze the blood vessels in the front of the

brain where consciousness is, to push more blood to the back for reflex behavior! That means when you’re under stress you are less intelligent.

And for example I give you the people of the United States. And the reason is the government knows this. And ever since 9/11 they keep in the

media, the news paper, the television more stress. More stress and the result is very important. And the importance is this, since 9/11 every

year the pharmaceutical companies have made 20% more profit every year; in 5 years, 100% more profit in selling drugs. So it is important to

realize that stress affects you in many different levels, but all of them result in shutting down your life. Now, the issue is when we are in this

direction, in protection, we shut-off growth and that’s when illness starts. So, when we are on this side of the scale, protection leads to disease

and growth leads to wellness. And I say, what causes this disease? And the answer is stress. Now, here is the problem that people do not realize.

If I just remove stress from my life, where am I on the scale? At zero. If you want wellness, it’s not just the absence of stress. You need the joy

and the love to go to growth. So, if you are in the middle place you’re not in real growth and real health. So, stress alone is not the problem. It’s

what we need is more love and life and happiness.

After This Video You’ll Know More Than The Best Doctors In The World

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