Recognizing Your Value

A while back, somebody gave a watch to the ministry. I was out of town on one of our events, and a man came up and handed me this nice box. I

opened it, it was a beautiful watch. It wasn’t supper fancy, but it was attractive, sporty and of course I thanked him and very grateful. I brought

it back, put it in my desk drawer. Couple of months later I opened the drawer to get something out and there was the watch.  I had forgotten

about it. I looked at it again; I thought it cost a couple of hundred dollars. I didn’t notice the name brand, but for some reason I googled it. When

I did, I nearly passed out. The exact watch came up; it was worth over 10000 dollars. It’s from a very famous prestigious watch maker. It looked

to me a lot of other watches that I had seen, that cost several hundred dollars, but because of the manufacturer this watch was extremely

valuable. You could put it side by side and you wouldn’t see much difference. Looked average, ordinary, people had copied it. There were

knocks-off (to produce a cheap copy of someone else’s product, usually illegally). On the surface it seemed the same, but what gave it its value was who made it.

Sometimes we don’t realize who we are. You may feel average, ordinary like nothing stands out, but because of your maker there’s something

about you that makes you extremely valuable. You are not a copy. You are not a knock-off. You are an original. The creator of the universe is

your manufacturer. You can’t get any more prestigious than that. But if you don’t know who you are like I did with the watch, you’ll discount

yourself. They’re gonna, I’m ordinary, nothing much to offer, nothing special about me. You need to google your manufacturer. You have the

finger prints of God all over you.

Recognizing Your Value

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