Never Lose Hope

Discouragement can creep in secretly. Hide behind clothes, make up, hairdos. Discouragement is so bold that it will even hide behind a smile

, and tell you life is not worth living. If you listen at discouragement, it will cause you to make bad decisions, it will cause you to think that life is

not worth living. And secretly behind the facade of a smile and a good morning, and a praise the Lord, and how are you. You will wonder if

you’re ever going to get out of what you’re into. Don’t make a permanent decision over a temporary circumstance. Don’t allow a moment of

agony to make you draw a conclusion about life prematurely, because if you just keep on walking with God. God has way of making everything

.all right

In everything give thanks, in reversals give thanks, in great trials give thanks, when you don’t understand lift your hands look God in the face

through your tears, say, ” I don’t understand what’s going on here. But I’m going to trust you that in the end you’re gonna make it okay.” And he

always does. Some of you are asking so why could I have hope, I failed so miserably. And when you fil it’s very easy thing to beat yourself

up until you can never get up. the greatest tragedy in life is not to fall down, it’s to stay down

Put your hand in the hand of God and know that you and god are more than a conqueror over anything you are facing or ever will face in the

future. To say that your life or your situation is hopeless, is to slam the door in the face of God. There is no such thing as hopeless. No such thing

. As long as God is on the throne, there is hope. As long as there is life there is hope. As long as you are willing to start living again, to start loving

again, to start believing again, to start achieving again, there is hope. Hope thou in God. Hope in God. Hope in God. Everything else

.will disappoint you but god will never fail you

Never Lose Hope

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