We Serve A Big God


I want you to know today the tremendous power is available to every single person. That power is prayer power. That power is the ability to

move mountains out of the way. The many storms that come our way, but God has given us the ability to ward off every storm of life. And then

when the church prays something takes place. Too little is spent in prayer, and too much time is spent in talking about the problem, if people

would just to start pray and stop talking about the problem. We would see phenomenal things take place. People need to worship more, you

need to take more time not going to God in pray; oh god our Lord we’ve got this problem that problem this problem that problem, forget about

your problems. Go to God and just to worship Him. Begin to exalt Him, begin to extol Him. Begin to call Him by His names. Talk about His

greatness. Talk about how awesome He is. Talk about how mighty He is. Don’t talk about your problems. Talk about how big your God is. Talk

about how awesome your God is. I want to challenge every single one of you to write down everything about how great God is, and when you

go to Him in prayer spend all of your time just exalting Him, just honoring Him, just lifting up His name. Spend very little time talking about the

problem. Just go to the book of Hebrews and go read all of the people and you say you’re the God of this one, you’re the God of that one, you’re

the God that brought the three Hebrew children through the fire, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. The God of Daniel. The God of David. The

bible says he will perfect that with concerns you. I’ve got news for you. God didn’t bring you this far to leave you now. God didn’t bring you out

of all what he’s brought you out for Him suddenly to let go of you. Don’t listen to the lies of the devil. Don’t listen to the lies of the enemy. As he

would try to whisper to you; God’s not for you, God’s against you. That’s a lie from hell. I’ve got news for you God is for you. He’s not against

you. He loves you. He’s on your side. God’s grace comes to even those that have not been faithful. God’s grace comes to even those that have

really not walked the way that they should walk and yet his grace and his mercy is extended to every single person that will believe him, that

will come, that will humble themselves under His mighty hand. So, He’s the God of a hundred fold blessing. He’s a God that causes you increase

in the time of famine, in the time of drought, in the time of storm. He’s the God that makes a way where there is no way. He’s your peace. He’s

your joy. He’s your righteousness. He’s your redeemer. He’s your savior. He’s your healer. He’s your provider. He’s your king. Somebody said

what God do you serve? That’s the God that I serve. Worship Him open your mouth and give him glory. Open your mouth and honor Him. Let

your voice be heard. You know, if you just take a half-an-hour and begin to do that instead of even bringing up what you even came for in prayer

, you’ll begin to worship God. What does the Bible say, let God arise and His enemies be scattered. You begin to worship God and then God

begins to flood your life with his very presence. You better get ready because God is about to do great things for you

We Serve A Big God

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