Trusting God In The Storm Of Chaos



We are all sailing across the sea of life. Some of you are in a great storm right now, listen closely. God didn’t promise smooth sailing, but he did

promise that you are going to reach the other side. Some of you have lost your jobs, some of you are going through marriage crisis, some of you

are experiencing business failures, or business reversals. Some of you are going through a time of family illness. Some of you have experienced

unexpected tragedy, that’s stricken like lightning striking you out of a clear blue heaven, but what can we learn from chaos? What can we do to

survive the coming storm? What to do, when you feel like you’re going under. When chaos reigns, when fear grabs you by the throat and tries to

drown you. What to do? Chaos, doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you. Chaos doesn’t mean that God is angry with you, God doesn’t

love you or that God has rejected you. Chaos does not mean that if you were in the perfect will of God you wouldn’t be in that storm. Let me tell

you this very candidly, chaos is a normal part of life and living. Struggle is the essence of growth and development. A mighty oak, begins with a

little seed that is planted in the soil and fights its way up only to face the winds, the rain, the snow, the blazing sun and endless adversity year

after year to become a beautiful magnificent oak tree. Because it’s only in the storm that your faith, can grow. It’s only when your faith is tested

by fire, that you really know how pure your faith is. It’s only when you are tested that your character can develop. Only in the storm can you

discover the power of God to deliver you. Only in the storm do you call upon the Lord and find him to be the ever-present help in the time of

trouble. The storm develops your confidence and as your confidence is, so is your capacity.

Trust God In The Storm Of Chaos

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