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WE ARE ONE ……. What if this light bulb was the cure to racism, sexism, and

classism? Here me out; do you know what people and light bulbs have in

common? We both express as different colors, have different shapes,

different sizes. We’re manufactured in different places. Some of us are

bright, some dim, some clear and some broken. We appear to be very

different on the outside. But the thing about these lights is, there is one

current running through each bulb. And in the same way, ….More ….





Rewired _ Dr. Joe Dispenza

I want to start off by asking you a strange question. What is

it mean to you to be super natural? To me, being super natural

is to be able to change your body by thought alone. To say it

another way, it means being greater than your body. Being

super natural also means over coming challenges and conditions

in your outer environment that most people …. More ….





Your Word is Law …. Each of us has the ability to play the game

of life with balance, harmony and joy. But we need to know the

rules and the principles. What we want to do here is to work on

recognizing, remembering, and using the principles to improve

the quality of our lives. Life works according to principle and

physical law. If it didn’t, you couldn’t fly an airplane, because

there would be no gravity, there would be no such thing as

electricity, and one plus one would not equal two... More …





Discipline Creates Miracles Discipline, if there’s a magic word

that stands out above all the rest; this is the one, discipline. Discipline

is the bridge between thought and accomplishment, the bridge between

respiration and value achievement, the bridge between necessity and

productivity. Remember, all good things are up stream. The passing of

time takes us a drifting, and drifting only  brings us the negative, the

disastrous, the disappointment and the failure.… More …






Send the Message …These are unprecedented times, a time

that has brought with it uncharted waters, a different uncertainty

and a new fear. It is understandable the way the world is reacting.

With unpredictability comes fear, and with fear comes a degeneration

of not just the mind but the body. Please, whenever in doubt, and

fear creeps in, I need you to remind yourself of how far you have

come. Not just in life, but in this period of the epidemic as well.

Remember everything you have faced …. More ….





How to End Struggle Most people have the misconception that

you get what you want in life by the actions that you take. By

what you do, that the doing, the action part, is what makes

things happen. As you will learn in a few minutes this is false.

In fact, if you analyze it, most people’s actions are spent trying

to compensate for inappropriate creating. What do I mean by

that; we have been programmed to believe that … More …





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How to develop a millionaire mindsetHi there, Jack Canfield here and

today I want to talk to you about how you can develop a millionaire

mindset. The reason for this is that if you want to be rich, you have to

learn how to think like the rich. Without a millionaire mindset, you will

remain stuck in a lower or middle income reality, but once you’ve

developed a wealth mindset you will start to automatically do the things

you need to do to create more wealth and more abundance in your life.

You know we all have a financial set point, it’s like a thermostat in your

house, … More …




Brainwash Yourself in 21 DaysI want to discuss a concept that can

change your life as it did mine. One of the most valuable concepts that

I personally learned is that in order to reach the level of success,

self-confidence and prosperity that you want, you have to brainwash

yourself. Yes, see either way it goes, you are going to be brainwashed.

But the question is who is doing the brainwashing? Believe it or not, the

world that we live in is always trying to … More …




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Act Like a SuccessFolks my latest book, Act like a Success Think

like a Success, has hit number one on the New York Times best selling.

Very proud of the book. And not just because it’s doing well, but because

it has the potential to help so many of you find fulfillment, which is the

reason I wrote the book in the first place. I want to talk to you about a

chapter in the book. Chapter 3 which I entitled, “Take the Lid of the Jar.”

Those of you who own a pet, a dog, you’re very familiar … More …




How Do You Get Everything You WantThere’s nothing you can do

about the past, but you can do a great deal about your future. You

don’t have to be the same person you were yesterday. You can make

changes in your life. Absolutely startling changes, in a fairly short period

of time. You can make changes; you can even conceive of now. If you

give yourself a chance, your abilities will grow. You have untapped

talents and potential that you haven’t even reached for yet, …More …






A Message for YouLife can be rough. We all are going to have

highs and lows in our lives. We can all be petrified of what the future

may hold, and we can all have setbacks and doubts and pain. That’s

what’s going to happen in life. But if you fight for it, if you work for it,

and if you work through it, those losses and those setbacks and that

pain will make you better. You can drive on, you can push through,

you can deal with unimaginable adversity. As long as you … More …





Recognizing Your Value A while back, somebody gave a watch

to the ministry. I was out of town on one of our events, and a man

came up and handed me this nice box. I opened it, it was a beautiful

watch. It wasn’t supper fancy, but it was attractive, sporty and of

course I thanked him and very grateful. I brought it back, put it in my

desk drawer. Couple of months later I opened the drawer to get

something out and there was the watch. … More …

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Important MessageEveryone who listens to these words of

mine and does them, will be like a man building a house who

dug deep  and laid the foundation on the rock. The rain fell, the

floods came, and the wind blew and beat against the house, but

it didn’t collapse. It had been set solidly on rock. And everyone

who listens to these words of mine … More …






Five Steps to Change Your LifeHi everybody, Dr. Joe Dispenza’s here.

I want to take a moment and teach you some basic tools to begin to

change your life. When you invest in yourself, you invest in your future.

Number one; take some time out of your busy lives to disconnect from

your world. Shut your cell phone off, turn the TV off, power down your

computer. Sit your body … More …

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Trusting God In The Storm Of ChaosWe are all sailing across the sea

of life. Some of you are in a great storm right now, listen closely. God

didn’t promise smooth sailing, but he did promise that you are going to

reach the other side. Some of you have lost your jobs, some of you are

going through marriage crisis, some of you are experiencing business

failures, or business reversals. Some of you are going through a time of

family illness. Some of you have experienced … More …






The Amazing Power Of Your MindLet’s look at how powerful your

mind is. Let’s compare your mind to the most sophisticated man-made

device ever created; the computer. The average computer can hold

around 250000 pictures, 20000 songs and hundreds of full length

videos. Nowadays, on something the size of my finger. But let’s

compare it to your mind. Your mind can perform an estimated ten

quadrillion operations per second, … More …

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The Promise Is ComingI want to talk to you today about, the promise

is coming. We all have things we’re believing for, dreams God put in our

heart, problems to turn around, but when it’s been so long and we’ve

made mistakes, people have come against us. All the circumstances say,

if it was going to happen, it would have happened by now. It’s easy to

get discouraged and accept that it’s never … More …

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Do It Now Sometimes Later Becomes NeverThere’s nothing as bad as

the sad memories of a lost opportunity. Lost opportunities, it’s a gift from

God to have an opportunity. When you woke up this morning God gave

you an opportunity. What can be a better gift than to get an opportunity?

And what a tragic waste it is to have an opportunity and not use it! Not

maximize it, not live it to its fullest and to assume you have tomorrow.

How arrogant of you, to assume that … More …






The Most Eye Opening Minutes Of Your Life … I will show you the science

of actually how the cells work and you will have more knowledge than

most doctors in the world today. Because they still believe in genes! You

are made out of 50 trillion cells and the cells are the living entities. So,

you are a community not a single person! Every cell in your body has minus

voltage on the inside and positive voltage on the outside! Every live cell is a

battery. Every cell has about 1.4 volts. 50 trillion cells  … More …

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Change Your Thinking Change Your LifeToday is the day for you

to learn the secrets of life. Today is the day for you to begin to

creating a joyous fulfilling life. How do you feel right now? Do you

feel bad? What are your current emotions? What is your gut feeling?

Some people say life sucks which is a terrible affirmation. But it isn’t

life that sucks, it’s your thinking that sucks. Don’t waste time arguing

for your limitations, poor relationships, problems, illnesses … More …






Peace In The StormWe should get up each morning believing for

a good day. Expecting favor, knowing that God is directing our steps.

At the same time, we should realize, everything may not go perfect.

Every person may not treat us right; our plans may not stay on

schedule. There may be some bumps in the road and things that

we didn’t see coming. If you’re only going to enjoy the day if your

plans work out then you’re setting yourself up for … More …





We Serve A Big God  I want you to know today the tremendous power

is available to every single person. That power is prayer power. That

power is the ability to move mountains out of the way. The many

storms that come our way, but God has given us the ability to ward

off every storm of life. And then when the church prays something

takes place. Too little is spent in prayer, and too much … More …






Watch This and You’ll Know More Than The DoctorsThe question is if we

are so able to be healthy and young, why do we get sick? One the most

important reasons is stress! I will now show you how stress works, using

cells and then people. So I put cells in a Petri dish, and I split the group

into two sets. In one set, I put nutrients in front of the cells; in the other

I put toxins in front of the cells. I put them back in the incubator and I

come back later and take them out: where do you … More …

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BE Stronger …  Have you ever noticed that some people don’t

do well, because they major in minor things? Whatever you do,

check at the end of the week, the end of the year, and make

sure you are not spending major time on minor things. Otherwise,

you will wind up with a below average life. Now with those two

key phrases in mind, here are the major lessons in life to learn.

The first is learn how to handle the winters. … More …






How To Rewire Your Subconscious Mind …. Have you

ever looked at a fly trying to get out because it’s trapped in a

building and it’s smashing itself against the window harder and

harder with a belief, the more effort I put in, the more likely I

am to be free. That’s a great metaphor of how the mind works,

because most of us think the more effort I put in consciously, the

more I will overcome my hurdles, and you know … More …


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If You Are Feeling Down …….  Big battles, big soldiers. We all go

through this world with our fair share of battles. Some are facing

financial and health challenges of various degrees, depression

and frustration. Others, educational problems and some others,

family dramas or career issues. No one is left out. What differentiates

us is the timing of our individual battles. The level of intensity of the

battle and our fighting capacity as soldiers. In relation to  …. More ….







Shock Them With Your Results …  Shock them with your results they can’t

ignore you. In life nothing comes to us for free, we have to earn it either

with our actions or our hard work. When we first begin, we begin with

nothing, but it’s what we make of ourselves over time, that determines

whether we are worth it or not. To become noticeable to people we need

to earn their interest. We need to enhance our capability to grow behind

our comfort zone in order to reach great results.  .…  More ….


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NEVER LAZY…. Becoming successful is a process. You’re moving from

the downside to the upside, but it’s not an easy road. There are bumps

and holes; temptations and distractions, pressure and loneliness. While

some days you’ll get up completely bumped up for doing more and better,

other days you’ll just feel numb, and void of any meaning. But those days

when you don’t want to act, are actually the days when you have to. you

know all those great people that you admire and  ….. More …..


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